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An important video from Darrell Evans, Co-founder

We are living through one of the most unprecedented times in the history of our world.


In moments of adversity, I believe leaders of businesses, communities, and families are called on to do a few things:


1. Remain confident


2. Define and Execute Contingency Plans


3. Capitalize on areas of weakness and vulnerability


4. Control the Controllable


It's in that spirit that we've decided to do whatever we can to help businesses pivot and reposition themselves.


Our mission here has always been to help businesses establish a dominant online presence on search engines and social media with the goal of generating a steady stream of leads and customers.


That mission won't change.


Today, many of you will need to move fast to reposition your businesses for a new online environment.


We want to give you the exact strategies we've used to help our clients be successful over the last 10 years.


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If you execute what we teach, attend the LIVE, online Q&A sessions in April, you will be positioned properly to succeed online when this is all over.


We wish you safety and good health,


Darrell Evans, Co-founder
Yokel Local


Enroll in our Digital Marketing Academy for FREE

UPDATE: No PROMO CODE is needed.