Marketing Your Business In a Post Coronavirus World


There will be winners and losers in this new economy. How do you make sure you are on the winning side?


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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Do you know EXACTLY what you should be doing right now to position your organization for success in the new post-COVID-19 economy we are rapidly headed for?


Applying a series of marketing tactics may have worked for you before. However, those days are over! In order to gain market share in this new post-COVID-19 economy, you will need to have a well documented journey (Strategy), an understanding of the right tools and tactics (Tactics), and clearly defined action items (Knowing What To Measure). Having one without the others may have worked in a booming economy, but from this day forward, that will no longer cut it. 



Strategy + Tactics + Knowing What To Measure = Success!

If you are missing any of these steps, you will get crushed by competitors that aren’t.


Simply throwing more money at Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, YouTube, Instagram, or whatever may not be the smartest move. On the other hand, sitting on the sidelines and riding the HOPE TRAIN isn't going to work either. 


During this virtual strategy session, your host, Stormie Andrews, will share proven principles that work. More importantly, these marketing strategies will help you begin building a rock solid foundation designed for organizations that want to acquire market share. 


During the strategy session you will be introduced to:


  • The Growth Audit Framework - This exercise helps you review and identify strengths and weaknesses in 8 different areas of your business. Most importantly, it will help you identify the areas of your business that should be the greatest priority.



  • The Growth Triad - If you are tired of experiencing unpredictable sales and revenue, then you will need to understand and implement this strategy. It is a proven pathway to predictable growth.


  • The World's Best Buyer Persona System™ - It’s not about who your ideal customers and prospects are. Now, it's more important than ever to understand how they think. When this is established and you translate it to your digital messaging, you will gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.


  • The Customer Value Journey- This framework is so powerful, it delivers what every company needs... a predictable flow of customers from scratch.


Your Strategy Session Coach


Stormie Andrews


Stormie Andrews is the cofounder of Yokel Local, Nevada’s premier inbound marketing agency located in Las Vegas. His company, Yokel Local, is the first and only HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency in the State of Nevada. Since 2010, Yokel Local has helped organizations generate hundreds of millions in revenue by implementing strategies and tactics that are supported by the EXACT concepts you will learn in this virtual strategy session. Stormie’s passion is to make it much easier for organizations to attract their ideal clients by understanding how their prospects think in order to experience what it’s like to achieve ridiculous growth!


He is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an award-winning author, Forbes contributor, HubSpot contributor, member of the Forbes Agency Council, recognized buyer persona expert, HubSpot Certified Trainer, and featured marketing expert by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. He has been invited to speak at INBOUND 2020, an annual event that attracts more than 25K attendees devoted to the latest marketing strategy advancements and technologies.


He has also been recognized as a Member of the Year from the American Marketing Association, named as a Top 50 Tech Visionary by Intercon in 2020, and his next book “The World’s Best Buyer Persona System,” is due out in coming months. 


Yokel Local, founded in 2010 by Stormie Andrews and Darrell Evans, is an award-winning digital marketing agency located in Las Vegas, NV. Yokel Local is proud to be a Google Partner, Yelp Certified Partner, Digital Marketer Agency Partner, and the first and only HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner within the state of Nevada. In 2018, Stormie was selected by HubSpot to become the first and only HubSpot User Group leader in Nevada.


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