Social media is a powerful tool for Internet marketing, but it's only actually useful when correctly utilized. There are many social media websites out there that are just waiting to be used to help your business or website. Some of the most popular sites are of course Facebook and Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram just to mention a few.

Here are some valuable, yet simple ways to ensure that you reap the most benefits out of using the varied social media sites.

Three Tips for Utilizing Social Media in Internet Marketing

1) Choose the Websites that You Personally Like and Use

If you have a few specific social media websites that you frequent, like and can use fairly easily, it's best to start out using those sites for your marketing strategy.

Even if these websites are not the most popular social media platforms around, they can still give you an edge.

Think about this, since you already know how to use them fairly well, already have some form of network setup on them, and you feel comfortable using their services, it only makes sense that this is where you would start. If you ever want to expand to other social media websites, and you most likely will, you'll want to start in stages.

First, get accustomed to their services and layout on a personal page and then set up a business page later. This process won't take long at all if you're diligent and focused with your time on the site.

2) Know Your Audience

What is the aim of your business or website? Who does your business or website most appeal to?

Knowing your target audience is the key to making any marketing strategy successful.

Singling out a particular group directly only narrows your target audience, but orienting your page and content to appeal to your target audience without alienating those outside of your target audience makes for higher engagement and a great social media page.

If you're not exactly sure what your target audience is, you can usually gather statistics based on previous sales.

If you're just starting out or don't have those statistics, there are several websites available to give you a good idea of the target audience for various types of businesses and websites. Twitter, for example, is a great place to see who else is in your industry sphere and what they're talking about.

The time you spend in this research phase will pay high dividends in the end.

3) Make the Time to Add New Content Regularly

While it's never a good idea to spam customers in their inbox or social media feed with irrelevant updates, it's always a good idea to ensure that your social media pages are kept up to date with the latest news, updates, sales, products, special offers and more.

Quick tip: Don't forget to personalize, maybe add some humor and inspirational quotes now and then; this is the type of content people seem to love.

It's likewise a good idea to offer deals specifically to individuals who follow your social media page to increase customer relationships; this is a healthy way to engage more people to follow your page in the future.

It's also a good idea to always check your page for people asking questions or making comments. Responding personally to as many of these comments as possible shows that you care about your customers and want to listen to their comments, questions, opinions and suggestions. Social media is truly about becoming social with your audience.

On your own, this may seem like a large task to carry out. However, our team at Yokel Local can do all of these tasks along with, or for you to ensure that your business is building a social media presence. If you'd like to explore the benefits for your own social media page in more detail, contact Yokel Local today.


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