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Search engines like Google do their best to provide users with content that is relevant to their search queries.

This system is great for users, but it can confuse and frustrate small business owners who are trying to get people to click on their advertisements.

If you want to advertise on Google without blowing through your marketing budget, it's important to know the fundamentals of the quality score.

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When using PPC advertising, it's important to keep your costs down; this allows you to reach more potential customers at a low cost. One of the easiest ways to do this is to raise your Adwords quality score.

What Is Your Adwords Quality Score?

Search engines use your score as a barometer for website quality. If your quality score is high, you're charged less money to serve advertisements to potential customers; they do this to keep the search engine users happy. It simply boils down to a few things: relevance, user experience and the likelihood that the ad will get clicked on.

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3 Best Practices to Improve Your Adwords Quality Score!

Do these 3 things to get more from your Adwords campaigns:

1) Create Specific Ad Groups

When you create ads, they need to be very specific; always focus them on a specific product or service. When you do this, they become much more relevant to the user's search queries. This takes time, but it can boost your score dramatically.

Just think about it from the customer's perspective. If they are searching for a specific brand of headphones, then they absolutely do not want to see advertisements about cable boxes. They are both electronics, but cable boxes are not relevant to headphones.

2) Place Keywords In Your Ads

When you strategically place keywords in your ads, customers are more likely to click on them; this is another great way to show customers that your ad is directly related to the terms they are searching. When people click on your ads, your Adwords quality score may go up.

3) Tweak Your Landing Page

If you are running an ad about car stereos, always make sure that your landing page is related to the advertisement. Some people make the mistake of targeting too many people with their advertisements; they do this because they think that they'll get more clicks. Not normally the case!

If you try to do this, you'll likely tank your Adwords quality score. As mentioned earlier, search engines want to provide quality results to their users, so it's important that your ad takes users to a landing page that is related to the advertisement they clicked on.

When it comes to PPC, it's important to create, test and tweak your ads regularly. When you do this effectively, you figure out what ads are driving the most revenue; this will increase your quality score while driving down the cost of every click

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