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The 1 Thing You Need to Know to Grow Your Business On Facebook

by Darrell Evans . June 22, 2016
No one is on Facebook to make a purchase. Yes, including your customers.

As a business owner, if Facebook is not in your marketing arsenal because it’s just not your thing, you’re missing out on the tremendous impact it could have on your business's growth.

There is one main point you must understand when learning how to grow your business on Facebook.

Hopefully, what I'm going to reveal will also change your attitude concerning the leading social media network that boasts 1.5 billion people (your potential customers).

And that is:

No one is on Facebook to make a purchase.

Now, you may be wondering, “Well, how exactly do I get my customers to buy on Facebook if that’s not their intent?”

It's simple. You should treat Facebook like television of the 1940’s.

You want to focus on grabbing your audiences' attention. Provide them with a social experience that ultimately makes them feel so good that they’ll stay in touch with your business. Be human and allow your audience to connect with you on a human-to-human level.

As you begin to market your business on Facebook, remember to develop your strategy around the fact your customers aren't there to buy.

Watch the video above for a more in-depth overview of how to use facebook to grow your business.

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If you're the type of business owner who typically doesn't use Facebook, you're probably struggling with the opportunity that really exists with growing your business and getting customers from Facebook.

One of the things I talk about with business owners a lot and I mean a lot is that they don't use Facebook, so, therefore, they don't seem to believe that their customers use Facebook. And so it presents a block in the way that they think about how to use Facebook to acquire new customers for their business.

There's a few things I want to share with you that I would hope would help you change the way you think about Facebook and align it with what is going to be the right strategy so you can use Facebook appropriately to grow your business.

I mean, there's 1.4 or 1.5 billion people on Facebook. So your customer is there, it's not just for kids. In fact, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the over 40 crowd. So if you're selling to that crowd, they're on Facebook.

A couple of things I want to share with you really quick. Number one no one's on Facebook to buy anything. No one. Like none of them. Not 1.5 billion of them at all show up on Facebook with a credit card in hand.

They're not on Amazon; they're not on the home shopping network. No one gets on Facebook to buy anything.

So the paradigm shift is how do we get them to buy if they're not on Facebook to buy? So we like to say that Facebook is to you as a marketer or a business owner the opportunity that television presented back in the 1940s.

When television first aired, television advertising I should say, it first aired in the 1940s, it essentially was the only place families would gather for essentially family social experience on this new thing called the television.

So Facebook is a part of this new genre of channels and attention where attention is placed today in terms of social media. So the fact that you can get to that is important to understand, but you also have to understand what is the context of the reason they're on the platform, and then you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

We talked with Facebook every couple of months, and they continue to remind us that Facebook is a feel good environment.

And if you think about it, you might even do this yourself; you might be looking at photos of your children, grandchildren, friends from high school, business associates that you met at a conference.

And at the end of the day, you're really just trying to stay in touch and keep in touch with that human connection and that human aspect.

So when you're thinking about marketing on Facebook, you have to build a strategy and a mindset around the fact that no one's there to buy, but buyers are there.

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