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ou try your hand at Google Ads PPC campaigns, but a poor click-through rate is hurting your PPC efforts. However, you jumped right in without fully knowing how to set up and run an effective campaign.

We get it. A low CTR is frustrating. Read on to learn what is a good click-through rate and five things you can do to improve it.

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What is a Good CTR?

A CTR indicates how many people are interested in what your ad offers. The more people who go through to your website, the more likely a conversion.

What is a good CTR? The average CTR is 1.9%. The average AdWords CTR is 3.17% on the search network and 0.46% on the display network. Aim for a click-through rate that is slightly higher than the average. A solid PPC campaign will have a 4%-5% click-through rate on the Google search network and 0.5%-1% on the display network.

Different industries will have different average click-through rates. For example, B2B has an average CTR of 2.41% on the search network and 0.46% on the display network. Real estate has a CTR of 3.71% and 1.08%, respectively. The position of ads, ad formats, and platform will affect the CTR. For instance, ads with a #1 ranking have a CTR of 7.11%. MPU format ads have a CTR of 0.05%, and Twitter ads have a CTR of 2%.

To calculate the CTR, divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions. Multiply this number by 100. For example, if an ad gets five clicks and 2500 impressions, your CTR is 5/2500=.0020 x 100= 20%.

5 Ways to Get a Good CTR For Your Google Ads Campaign

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Here are five things you can do now to boost your CTR:

1. Include Discounts or Free Offer in Ad Headline

The headline needs to be eye-catching. One way to achieve an attention-getting headline is to include a discount or free offer. Clearly state these discounts or free offers.

Your customers are looking for the products and services you offer. When they can get what they need for a great deal, it will stop them in their tracks. An irresistible headline with the word FREE or DISCOUNT will compel people to click your ad, boosting your click-through rate and PPC campaign.

2. Mention Pain Points

Do you know what your audience needs? Can you communicate that what your business offers can meet your customers’ needs?

Your ad text should help your audience identify their needs. If they know what they need, your ad ought to convince them that your product or service is the best option.

When you address your audience’s pain points, you get more clicks as people realize the value of your products and services. Additionally, the people clicking on your ads will be quality leads who are more likely to convert.

3. Utilize Match Type and Negative Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in your PPC efforts. They allow your ads to be found by consumers looking for your products and services. The best keywords to target should have the perfect combination of competitiveness and frequency. Carefully chosen keywords will attract better-qualified leads, as your ads will only appear for keywords that benefit your business.

Match Type Keywords

It is tempting to use broad match keywords to have your ads appear to as many potential customers as possible. This, however, increases the risks of unqualified leads and higher bounce rates. Phrase or exact match types are better alternatives for your PPC campaign ad before serious customers.

Phrase and exact match type narrows down the keywords and phrases your ads will appear for. These match types ensure your ads will get in front of the most interested customers who will find the most value from your ads.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those that aren’t beneficial or applicable to your business. You can manually block these negative keywords so your ad will not appear for them.

When you use match type and block negative keywords, you reduce the number of impressions. Since click-through rate is the number of clicks divided by impressions x 100, the lower your impressions, the higher your CTR will be.

4. Include Google Ads Extensions

Ever seen an ad with links to contact a business or be taken to specific pages of their website? Those are PPC ads featuring Google ads extensions. Extension formats include location information, call buttons, additional text, and links to the website. Google ads will select which extensions will show depending on the performed search. Extensions are helpful for consumers and give them more reasons to click on your ad. Extensions increase ad visibility, value, and CTR. They also give people additional ways to interact with your business.

5. Bid Higher

In Google ads, you need to bid on keywords and phrases in order for your ads to appear whenever a user enters them into a search query. The more competitive a keyword, the more you need to bid. Google selects and shows ads with the highest bids. If you want your PPC campaign to be more successful, you need to bid higher. When your ads appear to consumers looking for specific keywords, your CTR increases as your ads will be relevant.

Tracking Metrics is Necessary for a Good CTR & PPC Success

Measuring, tracking, and analyzing benchmark metrics (KPIs) are needed to tell if you achieved a good CTR. KPIs will indicate whether your PPC campaign is going in the right direction.

We recommend you track and analyze metrics, such as your cost per click, cost per conversion, conversion rate, impression share, average position, CTR, quality score, and customer lifetime value. Measure your analytics throughout the campaign as well as at the end of the campaign.

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