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Make Your Life Easier With These Marketing Tools

by Sha Drena Simon . September 30, 2020
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Every day, millions of marketers are faced with a mountain of tasks too monumental to conquer. And, with an ever-increasing to-do list based on your customers’ expectations for superior, personalized service, the marketing of the future will only become more complicated.

What the best digital marketing teams know, though, is that many of these important-but-cumbersome tasks can be simplified by incorporating the right marketing tool. In fact, a recent study found the right mix of marketing tools can increase effectiveness by more than four-fold!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful marketing resources, to simplify your workload so you can get even more done!

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Technology Makes Marketing Easier and More Effective

The sales and marketing process can be complex, with several twists and turns along the way. However, many day-to-day marketing challenges can be simplified by adding the right technology into the mix, decreasing complexity and increasing efficiency. Resources such as:

  • Automation tools, which help communicate with your audience how you see fit.
  • Marketing platforms, which bring multiple necessities into one easy-to-use place.
  • Analytic tools, which help you better understand your audience.

Each of the below resources has been chosen to simplify common challenges marketers face, resulting in easier processes and more effective marketing.


With nearly nine in 10 consumers beginning every purchase journey with a Google search, marketers must be aware how their brand fares with SEO.

That’s why we recommend using Ubersuggest.

This SEO tool helps with keyword research, website optimization, backlink research, and more. Using the site’s interface, marketers can quickly search a keyword or domain (even a competitor’s!) and instantly receive ideas for new keywords to target.

You can also receive insights into the number – and quality – of backlinks related to the top search results, helping you map out your SEO strategy that much further.


Nearly three out of every five consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by email, and as that number is only expected to rise, businesses must ensure they have a strong email marketing strategy in order to grow.

That’s how Sumo is helping marketers.

Sumo is a series of marketing tools designed for better email capture, including customizable pop-up messages, smart bars, and website welcome-mats, all working to increase newsletter signups and form completions.

Together, these tools help increase email list enrollment, allowing you to take your prospects further down your marketing funnel.

Sumo Pro Tip

Sumo also provides advanced tools like content analysis, simplified Google Analytics, and even website heat maps to further enhance your internet marketing capabilities!

Capitalize My Title

Compelling titles – from blog headlines to email subject lines – are vital for online content to be engaged.

That’s where Capitalize My Title comes in.

This free tool does exactly what you’d expect: helps marketers choose the right capitalization for their headlines, with options for AP Style, email, Wikipedia, and more.

But the tool also provides a variety of tips, tricks, and scores to make your titles as powerful as possible. Some of the information you can glean includes:

  • Readability of headlines
  • SEO effectiveness
  • Sentiment of chosen words

The site includes other fun tools too, including grammar tips and even a Morse Code translator


Did you know that four in five consumers prefer personalized marketing? This is a huge opportunity for businesses, as long as they can communicate one-on-one with their customers efficiently.

That’s where HubSpot comes into play, providing resources to help you create better personalization in your marketing, sales, and customer service. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The HubSpot Marketing Hub includes tools to help build landing pages, create online forms, send emails, manage online advertising, and more.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub includes solutions to generate client quotes, measure goals interactively, and even track leads throughout the sales process.

HubSpot Services Hub

The HubSpot Services Hub provides solutions to every-day customer challenges, like scheduling meetings, generating help tickets, and even getting in touch by phone.

HubSpot Pro Tip

Want to enhance your skills further? HubSpot also hosts free courses and certifications to help you grow in your craft! 

As a proud HubSpot agency and the first HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner in Nevada, we are happy to answer any of your questions about HubSpot

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Even with the best email capture tools in place, marketers still must reach out directly from time-to-time as well.

That’s when we recommend Hunter.

This simple tool identifies contact information for the individuals you’re looking to connect with, including name, email, phone number, and job title. Just type in business’s URL, and Hunter will pull relevant contact information from across the Internet.

Already have a contact in mind? Hunter can also determine that person’s email address based on the company’s email naming conventions.

Hunter Pro Tip

Download the dashboard extension for Hunter to instantly find contact information for any website you’re already on!

Sprout Social

In a world where 50 percent of the population participates in social media, your brand absolutely must have a social marketing presence. Unfortunately, managing marketing across many platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – can be a time-absorbing challenge.

That is why marketers can benefit from Sprout Social.

This social media management tool provides a single platform to easily create, schedule, and publish content to myriad social media channels at once.

The resource also provides succinct analytic reports, helping marketers understand their audience’s engagement preferences, resulting in better, more optimized results.

Smart Marketers Use Smart Tools

As any marketer can attest, 24 hours simply isn’t enough in the day. To get everything done, smart marketers take advantage of smart tools and resources, saving time and energy, and accomplishing a whole lot more in the day.

With the right tools in place, all that’s missing is the right voice to communicate with your audience. Continue reading to learn how to adjust your messaging and speak to your customers the right way!

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