Why Isn't My Law Firm's Blog Getting Traffic?

Traffic to a website is the lifeblood of any business. If you're not getting enough visitors, then you're not generating the leads you need to succeed.


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So you built a great website for your law firm. Congratulations! That’s the first hurdle to get through. Now that you’re an experienced legal blogger, it’s time to ensure all your hard work pays off by actually getting people clicking on, and reading, your blog. (After all, seeing your visitors in single digits week after week can get discouraging, fast!) 

It’s up to you to help new leads find your blog — whether that’s through an organic strategy or a digital advertising push (hopefully both). Read on to learn how to get more blog traffic so your law firm blog thrives digitally as much as it does in real life. 

How Does Web Traffic Work?

Let’s break down some of the best tried-and-tested ways that you can get qualified leads to click on your website


Building your organic presence is a great way to place to start. An organic strategy is great for long-term growth and ensuring that your law firm looks legitimate. Here are some ways you can build your strategically organically, i.e. by using your time and creativity instead of cash. 

  • SEO blogs - By creating an ongoing stream of useful content — whether it’s about current legal topics or interesting legal issues — and using keywords, you’ll position your law firm as a thought leader, and be more likely to rank on Google’s first page of search results. 
  • Organic social posts - With great content, some pizzaz, and perhaps a bit of humor, you can make people want to click “follow” on your law firm’s social media accounts. PSA: It can be challenging to build web traffic solely through an organic presence, so you might consider “boosting” some of your favorite posts (i.e. putting money behind them) to bring more eyes to your social platforms. 
  • Personal channel promotion - Between your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram followers, you likely have thousands of followers on your personal social profiles. You can gain tens of thousands more clicks by sharing your law firm’s website on these personal profiles so that you have a constant stream of people consuming your content. 


If you’re looking for how to drive traffic to the blog, a paid strategy is a sure-fire way to build awareness. Here are a few different ways your paid strategy might come to life:

  • Display ads - You know those ads that seem to follow you around in the corners of every website you go to? These are part of the Google Display Network. With just a jpeg file, you can have Google put ads all over the internet for you, and you can push these ads to specific targets and demographics. 
  • Social ads - You can make advertisements with just a photo and a caption that users will see as they scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok. These ads can be also targeted to specific locations and demographics.
  • Search ads - When people search for terms such as “current legal topics” or “divorce attorneys near me,” you can create advertisements that will allow your brand to be the first one to show up in the results. 

Even with a small budget, adding in some sort of paid strategy is a great way to get guaranteed clicks to your website. 

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Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Getting Traffic

Still, having trouble getting visitors? Read on for some common reasons your blog might not be thriving, and see our tips on how to solve them. 

You're not using the right keywords

One trap some law firms fall into is assuming they know what people are searching. For example, you might assume people are searching for “best law firm in Las Vegas,” so that’s what you title your blog. But actually, more people may be using the term “good law firms Vegas.”

How do you know, though? You can make sure you carefully word your content for the best chance at ranking sites such as AHRefs, Moz, or Keyword Planner. These allow you to search relevant terms and see approximate search volumes of such terms. 

You're not using seo best practices

There is more to SEO than keywords. You’ll want to make sure that you take a look at the technical SEO, too. Technical SEO has to do with improving the actual infrastructure of your website, including sitemaps, URL speed, and site navigation. If your site is up to speed from a technical side, it’s easier for search engines like Google to review and recommend it over other websites. 

You don't understand your buyer persona

Think about the type of person you want to visit your law firm website. What’s their age, gender, and approximate income? What are their motivations, interests, and concerns? Do some thinking and map out the traits of this ideal buyer persona. Once you have one or two in mind, you can create content that meets their needs and be more strategic about your marketing spend. 

You're not sharing the blog posts on social media or on your email list

Consistent blog content is great for telling Google that your website is active and, over time, can pull you up in search engine rankings. But also, it’s very important that people are actually clicking on your posts in the first place. Share every blog post you write on your law firm’s social media channels and email lists. The more clicks you get to your website, the better your credibility. 

The blog post headlines aren't written well

Whether you want to admit it or not, headlines are a sales tool that drives us in. Let’s do an exercise — which headline would you rather click on?

  • Headline 1: Tips for generating reputable leads for your law firm
  • Headline 2: These 3 underrated tricks will score your law firm a new lead in just 7 days

Headline 2 is a bit more exciting, right? That’s because a good headline rewards its reader — you have to be specific and answer the reader’s question: “What’s in it for me?” 

You're writing about the wrong topics

In order to produce click-worthy content, you have to consider what your audience wants to hear. You can do this through: 

  • Thinking about your target audience’s questions and concerns. As you did when creating your buyer personas, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. 
  • Reading online conversations about your niche of legal practices. Whether it’s in lawyer Facebook groups or on another online forum, it’s helpful to see what people are worried about, because it’s likely that’s what they’ll be searching for, too. 
  • Search your competitors’ posts for gaps. What are they writing about? More importantly, what are they not writing about? Your blog could be the missing piece. 

You're not posting frequently enough

The more you publish, the more likely you are to find organic success and traction. In fact, bloggers who publish daily get 57 percent better results than those who publish multiple times per week. Sounds like you may want to hire a content writer!

Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Law Firm's Blog

Now that you know what not to do, here are some actionable tips for what to do to increase traffic to your law firm’s blog and start getting ROI

  • Research the traffic - Check out Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from. Then, use Search Console to see where your site shows up in Google organic searches.
  • Earn backlinks - When credible websites hyperlink to your blog posts, Google sees that as a sign of credibility, giving your website more search power. If a news outlet or another blog happens to post about your law firm, ask that they please link to your blog or website if they haven’t already.
  • Write robust content - If your 500-word blog post is competing against a 1,500-word one complete with graphics and links to more resources, Google is more likely to push the latter (as long as the content is rich and accurate). So, be sure to be thorough in your writing.
  • Post often - Some blog posts turn out to be duds. It happens. But the more you write and the more you post, the more likely a few will eventually come up on Google’s first page and shine. 
  • Promote, promote, promote - We said it once, we’ll say it again: be sure to post your blogs on your law firm’s social channels as well as your own personal social channels.

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