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The Local Report Card will show you how visible your company’s website is in your local marketplace. It evaluates a number of factors, including, your how your website scores on Google, Yahoo and Bing Local, major local search directories, local citations, your brand mentions in social media and search engine rankings for company’s important keywords.

As a business owner who wants to increase leads and sales, you need to be aware of how your website performs holistically in these local search factors. This can dramatically impact the number of new customers that can potentially find you when looking for the products or services you offer in your local market.

As a special bonus, when you accept our free Local Report Card offer, we’ll send you 5 bonus video tutorials that will walk you through each of the major factors so you don’t just have a score, you know what it means. Plus, you’ll get some insider tips from our experts on how to not only improve your score but your overall company’s local online visibility.

The Local Report Card will help you understand:

  • The key elements that Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for on your website to send your more local customers directly to you.
  • How to get new customers from trusted local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, City Search, Manta, Super Pages and many more.
  • What social media factors could be killing your website’s presence and sales.
  • How you rank for some of the most important keywords that could drive new leads and sales for your business.

The Local Report Card is a powerful website report card tool that was created to give you, a local business owner or manager a quick and easy to read snapshot of your business’s online visibility versus your competitors. With just a few clicks, you’ll know exactly how well your company is doing online and areas you’ll need help. By applying an overall score we can easily grade your business’s online visibility and reputation. The scores are based on factors which we have deemed important to the search engines based on our research and experience. In just a few minutes, we check the search engines local listings to see how well your business is optimized in Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local by providing you a detailed website report card score and detailed analysis. We have applied criteria which we think will help your website rank in your local market and help you generate new business. For example, factors like reviews seem to help a business rank higher so this is a ranking factor. These factors may change in the future as we discover other reasons why a business may rank higher than others.

Local Report Card Scores

Next we check mentions or references of your business around the web (we call them citations). The more mentions (citations) your business has, the more trust search engines have in your business. This ‘trust’ could result in more visibility through higher rankings in the search engines and also within local directories like Yelp and Merchant Circle. Listing your business on these local directories and optimizing the listing with photos, business and related information will enhance your overall visibility. Naturally this increases your score.

Local Directory Scores

We also check for competitors mentions as compared to yours.  By checking the mentions of your competitors we can dig deep into the landscape of other niche directories like industry specific directories and also geographically-specific directories. Our graph shows you exactly where your competition is listed and where you can go to list your business. This is a snapshot view of what you can do to better your visibility in relation to your direct competition.

Local Citation Scores

As you increase your online visibility, your customers will start talking about your business by leaving reviews. Let’s face it, what your customers are saying about you matters more than what you’re saying about you.  Are you engaged in a review program? It seems the more reviews you have; the higher your chances are of ranking high in the search engines. Also,high reviews are a trust builder for your prospective clients. Your prospect is more likely to call, email or walk in if they see that you have a number of reviews. Our reputation management score is an average of all your reviews we could find.

Reputation Management Scores

 Lastly, we perform a ranking check to see where you place for 5  of the top keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We check both the main site (pure organic rankings) and the ‘local’ sections on all three search engines.

 Keyword Rankings


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