As early as 2014, email marketing was determined to be the most effective online marketing method for customer retention in the entire U.S. Email marketing continues to be a valued instrument for reaching customers and making sales. Currently, well over half of B2B marketers claim that email marketing gives them the highest ROI over any other form of digital marketing.

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How An Email Marketing List Helps Businesses Grow

Relevant and personalized emails can help your business grow better than any other means of online marketing. In fact, according to research, relevant emails that are carefully customized to match leads’ interests drive up to 18 times more revenue than general, broadcast emails.

When planning your email campaign, it’s crucial to send the right message to the right recipient, based on where they are in the buying stage. Ideally, your emails themselves act as a sales funnel, leading the readers straight on through to making that final purchase of your product or service.

5 Ways to Build An Email List For Marketing

There are many ways to build an email list for marketing. Some work better than others, and some are better suited for particular products or services. In general, the following ideas for growing your email list will work for every kind of business. You can tweak the ideas to custom fit your individual business needs and situation.

1. Use an email marketing software.

Email marketing software automates your email campaign. This software maintains your email list so you can organize them and keep track of which emails have been sent to which addresses. Finding an email marketing software that fits with your budget and needs is the first step in creating your email campaign.

2.Set up social media pages/profiles.

Next, you can set up your social media profiles and pages, where interested prospective customers can begin to like your pages and follow you. Gather these leads and use their profiles to collect more email addresses.

3. Create relevant and engaging blog content.

As you build up your website, grow your blog with engaging content that will get users interested in what you have to say and make them see you and your company as authorities in the field. This will attract new traffic to your site and retain existing traffic, which will ultimately give you a bigger pool of emails to pull from.

4. Create a compelling content offer.

To entice your site visitors to give you their email address voluntarily, create a compelling content offer as an exchange. You’ll be getting something you want (their email address), and they’ll be getting something they want (a free e-book or access to premium content).

5. Use an email opt-in on website.

In multiple places throughout your website, you should offer site visitors an option to subscribe to your newsletter or to get updates on new blog posts. This will link directly to your email marketing software provider, where you can begin to market to those leads through emails. You should place an email opt-in prominently on the home page, and in the sidebar of all other relevant pages.

Statistics don’t lie. The sooner you figure out how to build an email list for marketing, the sooner you can improve your business earnings. These ideas for quickly building an email list will get you on your way.

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