To increase your Facebook reach, or more importantly, to grow your business via Facebook, does not require you to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on Facebook Ads.

You don't have to spend anything at all to grow your business on Facebook (though, targeted paid internet advertising is highly effective.)

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What does help is the types of content you choose to share with your target audience.

Because of a recent algorithm update, Facebook is now favoring connection among friends and family instead of companies and publishers.

Today, Facebook's overall objective is to connect the world, by connecting friends and relatives together. As you implement your Facebook marketing strategy, be sure to keep this in mind as a business owner who intends to reach more people.

How to Expand Your Brand's Facebook Reach: 4 Tips

Tip #1: Ask yourself if the content you wish to post is something your friends or family would engage with.

Would this content, whether it's an image, video, or text attract a lot of likes or comments? Would your friends and family want to share the post?

If the answer to both of these questions is a definite "yes", then you are probably on the right path. Although it may seem obvious, the idea is to post content similar to the types that your friends and family would want to see.

Tip #2: Make your friends or followers look forward to hearing from you.

Try to create a situation similar to one that would create on your personal Facebook account; one where your Facebook friends or fans log on to Facebook with the intention of seeing what you or your company has posted. Make them wonder why you're not posting more.

How do you do this? Do not post cliche content.

A study from Syncapse found that 41% of Facebook users that "like" a brand expects to receive regular updates from that brand.

When sharing content on Facebook, your goal should be to post relatable content. You shouldn't try to make your post a sales pitch with the intention of making a deal. Users can tell when content is trying to pitch them something.

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Over many years, Facebook has found that users have certain types of content that they expect to see on the news feed. Here are two additional tips that expand on this:

Tip #3: Post content that educates your Facebook audience.

According to Facebook's research, people expect informative content on their newsfeeds. Ask yourself if your content helps to inform the people that follow you.

By adding value to your posts, you can eventually build trust amongst your audience.

Tip #4: Post content that entertains your Facebook fans.

Facebook has also found that users want to be "treated" when they log on to Facebook. Ask yourself if the content you're posting is entertaining to your audience.

Let's look at some additional tips to make sure you maximize the reach of your Facebook content:

  • Treat your business page as a personal page, but keep it professional. Try to connect with your audience on a personal level.
  • Use imagery that grabs your users' attention.
  • Post short videos and be sure to use Facebook's latest feature of sharing a live video.
  • Engage with your users and be responsive. Answer their Facebook messages and comments promptly.
  • Post when your competitors aren't. Your competitors are probably posting during normal business hours, but guess what? Facebook users are logged in at all times of the day. Be sure to post after work hours and late at night to reach your night owl audience.

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There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook, including your customers. By following these tips, you are sure to reach a good majority of your targeted customers.

But remember, improving your organic reach on Facebook (and any other social network for that matter) takes time, patience and consistency.

These are just a few ways to reach more people on Facebook. Download your free copy of our Social Media Workbook to learn how to generate more online leads for your business on leading social networks.

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