The marketing world as we know it has dramatically changed over the last several years as more and more consumers use mobile technology and the internet as a part of everyday life.

To bring this to light, I've outlined 7 online marketing statistics below that may shock you.

The consumer attention span has done an 180-degree turn yet small businesses owners and marketers are still trying to use the same tactics to attract new customers that worked 5-10 years ago.

When I ask business owners and marketers how they are acquiring new business today, I hear:

  • "I build my business by referrals only."
  • "I build my business through networking groups."
  • "I'm advertising in the phone book."
  • "I have a website."

or even worse...

"I'm waiting until the market turns around to start marketing and advertising again."

Let me be clear here.

I'm not knocking all of the above answers holistically. What I'm going to point out is that consumers each and every day in your city and mine are using technology to find what they want, when they need it. It could be you they find when they go looking.

They're blocking out the noise or advertising and marketing and have taken control of the sales pendulum.

Are you ready?

Let's dig in.

7 relevant online marketing statistics you can't ignore.

1. 78% of internet consumers start product research online months in advance of their purchase.

Will they find your website or will they find your competitors? Do you even have a website? Surprisingly, an estimated 45%-50% of businesses don't. If yes, can new customers find it? (Key phrase there "new customers.")

2. An estimated 200 Million Americans are registered on the FTC "Do Not Call" list.

Hello! They don't want to be bothered by your interruption cold call sales pitch. Having cold called in my past, I understand that it can still work for some businesses if properly handled. However, your audience willing to listen is shrinking dramatically.

3. In the 25-34-year-old age group, 84% have left a website they previously liked because of bad user experience or advertising they found irrelevant.

The consumer is in control. Give your web visitors what they want and not only will they buy but they'll tell others by sharing their experiences on their social networks. Is your website giving your business the right reputation?

4. 91% of email users have unsubscribed from an email newsletter they previously opted to receive.


Because they business owner is always trying to "sell" or "pitch" in each newsletter. Email is a great medium when correctly used. If every message says "buy my stuff," I'm unsubscribing too. Who wants to receive that?

5. 83% of businesses and marketers now say that Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business marketing efforts.

The key is it's a place to build relationships just like offline networking. Facebook is no longer on trial; it's here to stay. Ignore it at your peril and saying you don't understand Facebook today is no excuse not to get started.

Do you still think social media is for kids? Are you intimidated by it?

We can help you get started.

6. The percentage of businesses that have gained a customer through their blog is now approximately 55%.

Visitors want to know that you're an expert and can provide value; then they'll buy.

Blog posts should highlight solutions to problems your customers have, share tips they can implement without you (that's right, without you) and help them become more aware of how you've helped others in similar situations.

Are you blogging on a regular basis? Do you even have a blog?

7. A proper SEO campaign can cost as much as 62% less per lead than traditional marketing efforts.

If you're in charge of the bottom line in your company, this stat must get your attention. More importantly, you must do something about it.

Again, not knowing how to market your company properly online is no reason not to get educated yourself, hire someone versed in Internet marketing or outsource this function to a qualified agency.

You can audit your website's SEO grade in 45 seconds right here on our site.


If you're a small business owner or a marketing professional in charge of an organization, hopefully, these online marketing statistics got your attention.

It's time to acknowledge that this internet thingy is not all hype anymore.

It's okay to admit that you don't know what to do to turn things around for your company in this area called internet marketing.

It's vast. It's complicated. It takes time.

What's not okay is ignoring what other successful companies are doing every day to steal your customers right from under your nose especially, if they provide an inferior product or service to yours.

Help is as simple as calling our office or clicking the button below for your consultation.


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