The SPRIG Podcast: Understanding the Importance of Local SEO

by Darrell Evans . November 10, 2020
Good SEO makes it easy for your ideal customers to find your business. Find out how to thrive as a local business online.


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When someone wakes up in the middle of the night with a toothache, what will they find when they search for help online? Dental offices face this challenge every day, but it’s part of an overall dilemma that all businesses face as more prospective customers search for solutions to their problems online. How can you make sure that your business appears first when a potential customer is looking for your services?

Yokel Local’s Co-Founder Darrell Evans made a special appearance on the Sprig Podcast with Dr. Jarod Johnson of Arctic Dental to discuss key SEO strategies that businesses should follow to help prospective customers find them. He discusses the three primary rules of local SEO that determine how well your site will perform against competitors. He emphasizes how important it is for a business owner to control their online presence by writing blogs that cover common customer questions and seeking out backlinks, otherwise known as links to your site from another (and hopefully bigger!) site. He also discusses the importance of reviews and social media and what they can and can’t do for your SEO.

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