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3 Ways Using Social Media for Your Business Generates New Patient Leads

by Sha Drena Simon . October 18, 2018
According to Walker Info, by 2020, 86% of customers will rate customer experience as more the most important.



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Healthcare professionals can harness the power of social media to both increases their brand awareness as well as up their patient count.

The internet is a powerful place for advertising, and doing so on social media sites like Facebook will put you in the direct path of ideal potential patients.

You don’t just want to connect with them, however; you also want to draw them in and create customer leads.

Find out here how you can use Facebook to get a ton of new patients.

You can generate truly quality leads by engaging in the following activities on social media for your business.


How to Generate Quality Leads: 3 Social Media Tips for Your Medical Practice

1. Educate Patients by Promoting Your Blog and Video Content

According to C. Lee Ventola, a consultant medical writer for P&T Pharmacy and Therapeutics Journal, "Social media can also improve patients’ access to health care information and other educational resources."

Health-related information is constantly in demand, and you can provide a quality source to turn to in such cases.

Post helpful, educational information in the form of videos and links to your blog that will appeal to your audience.


2. Join Groups and Chats to Network within Your Industry

Networking within your industry will not only provide you with support for the ins and outs of your profession, but it will also help you expand your reach for patient services.

You can discuss all manner of related professional topics as well as build a network of relationships for patient referrals or additional expertise when needed.

Your online network can, in turn, do the same for you.


3. Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Services

According to studies, a social media presence significantly increases the visibility of healthcare institutions like hospitals and medical centers.

A good social media presence has a lot of influence; one study showed that 41 percent of those polled said that a healthcare provider’s social media presence on accounts like Facebook would influence their choice concerning where to go for treatment.

If you’re active on social media, patients will also regard you as a technologically advanced, modern organization.


Patient Confidentiality: What to Know When You’re Sharing Online Content

Be very careful when sharing information via social media for your business. Just as many Facebook users are known for “oversharing” their personal information, healthcare professionals can also unwittingly breach their patient’s privacy if they’re not careful.

For instance, when posting details about a new procedure or treatment, all of the patient’s identifying information must be removed, as well as any references that may reveal their identity.

It’s better to be safe rather than sorry in such cases, so make sure you’re extra careful and cover all your bases. If there is a question about whether or not there might be a privacy breach, it’s better not to post at all.

If you need to optimize your online marketing using social media but are unsure where to begin, grab our  guide, How to Attract New Patients Using Facebook to get a head start on your social media lead generation strategy.

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