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Auto Repair Marketing: How Sales Went Up 50-60 Cars / Mo

by Stormie Andrews . December 10, 2015
See how a local auto repair shop started by up to 60 more customers a month.


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Meet Jacki, her shop specializes in the auto repair for European automobiles.

Jacki wanted more business, specifically she wanted 10 to 15 more work orders per week to meet her capacity goal and be able to hire more mechanics.

Being in business for over 12 years, Jacki found herself in a place of stagnant growth, having inconsistent shop volume and looking for a new marketing plan for her auto repair shop.

She had her regular customers and generated a decent stream of referrals from existing clients however, she knew she needed to develop a more consistent source of new business to grow the shop, attract the best mechanics, and become more profitable.

Having worked with numerous marketing companies who specialized in auto repair in the past, all promising the world in a hand basket. Jacki was almost ready to throw in the towel and give up on these so-called auto repair shop marketing experts altogether.

A short time later Jacki found herself at a gathering held by Las Vegas MetroChamber of Commerce. While there, she was sharing her frustrations and challenges with others, hoping for some fresh ideas. While sharing her story with a particular group of business owners having a jovial conversation, one member of the group shared the success she was having with her new and improved online marketing strategy.

Jacki still wasn't moved. It wasn't until another person she had spoken with, shared an almost identical story. At this point, Jacki started to wonder.

  • Can the internet work to increase her weekly car count?
  • Was she just implementing the wrong auto repair marketing strategy for her shop?
  • Did she simply put too much faith into the wrong individuals to execute a profitable local internet marketing game plan for her shop?

Jacki decided to give the internet one more chance to see if she could realize the success that the others had shared with her. How could she not go for it? She knew that if this worked, it would transform her business, level of service, and profitability. On the other hand, she knew that if she didn't get this figured out she was going to have to make some fundamental changes to her business model.

Jacki's new automobile marketing strategies started with buyer personas. If she nailed down her buyer personas properly as part of her revised car marketing strategy, it was going to make her ability to attract the right customers so much easier.

This was certainly not an all or nothing type of scenario for Jacki. However, Jacki knew that if she didn't get it right this time, it was going to be another year or more of trying this, and trying that, with more money wasted on more half cocked automotive internet marketing ideas with no foreseeable end in sight.

Within 90 short days of Jacki implementing her new automotive industry marketing plan for her service center, supported by consumer specific buyer personas, Jacki started to see changes. Jacki noticed the phone was ringing more, and on the other end was the exact type of customer she desired from the Las Vegas Valley where she operates.. Form submissions on her website were nowbeing used by new customers rather than annoying solicitations. Finally, her website was generating leads!Jacki quickly noticed her mechanics weremuch happier with the added work volume. Most importantly for Jacki, her shop is now turning into the shop she had always dreamed of.

"Last month, October 2015 we did 53 more invoices than last year"
-Jacki Kiss

Jacki's team started used buyer personas to fundamentally change her shop revenue. It's now more profitable than ever! Her mechanics have more cars to service, and it all started with buyer personas.

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