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Darrell Evans: Generate More Leads And Sales With These Six Steps

by Darrell Evans . October 07, 2021
Yokel Local Co-Founder Darrell Evans recently appeared on Julian Leahy’s “When It Works” podcast to discuss the six steps that every business must follow in order to grow through digital marketing - and why 94 percent of them don’t.

Every business needs to follow just six steps to grow through digital marketing. So why do 94 percent of them get it wrong?

Yokel Local Co-Founder Darrell Evans discusses this paradox during his guest appearance on “When It Works,” a podcast by Julian Leahy about the struggles entrepreneurs face on the road to success. During this episode, Darrell discusses why so many businesses struggle to fully implement these six steps, even when they know what they are. 

Darrell highlights a key reason for this failure: digital marketing has zero barriers to entry. As a result, business owners usually can’t evaluate a marketing team’s effectiveness until it’s too late.

To give business owners some direction, Darrell walks through what each of these six steps are and what it would look like to implement them in a company. He also discusses the advantages of using the HubSpot software and how it has helped transform not only his own business, but those of his clients as well.

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