7 Keys To Rank Your Website On Google Fast

by Darrell Evans . October 21, 2013
How fast can you really get your website rank on the first page of Google?


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In today's episode, we're speaking to a question from many business owners about how fast you can? We're addressing this question more from a mindset perspective rather than a technical perspective. This is usually where breakthroughs come for the clients we work with.

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Show Notes

  • 00:16 - The obvious first question
  • 00:35 - The first thing you must understand about search to get ahead
  • 01:19 - Is your website the most qualified website for the first page?
  • 01:40 - Google's intentions
  • 02:30 - Stop thinking of the internet as a LOTTERY TICKET
  • 02:44 - What is your sales cycle
  • 03:00 - The stages of your customers buying proces
  • 03:27 - The Wrap up plus a great example
  • 04:15 - What it takes to win on Google and in your marketing

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SEO Tips: How fast can you get your website rank on the first page of Google?

We are going to talk about this a little in today’s episode of Yokel Local Tips. I am Darrell Evans.

So, one of the questions we get, I mean it's probably the first question that comes out of a business owners mouth or marketing managers mouth, is how fast they can get their website ranked on the first page?

Maybe they've been working with another company. Maybe they'd been doing things in-house on their own and they just want to know how fast or how long it is going to take? How quickly they can be there?

I want to take a few seconds in this video and bring up two points.

The first one I want to make is this...

First of all, you have to understand how search engines work. Now, I'm not a scientist. I'm not an algorithm technician. I'm just a marketer. In order to understand the role the web is playing, the role internet is playing is you really have to back up and understand what these search engines are all about.

The websites being displayed are the algorithm’s best understanding of the match between the search query and the websites that they think are the best suited websites. One of my colleagues, my partner Stormie, uses an example.

Would you want your website on the first page of Google in the current state that it is?

In other words, is your website really the most qualified website, not the most qualified business, hear me out it's not that you're not the best business provider but is your website really the best resource that Google can put in front of your visitors?

So, to really understand Google’s search algorithms is to produce the best results that match the query.

We challenge ourselves sometimes working with the clients who have 5 page, 6 page, 10 page websites, and there's just very little content, there's very little information and we are always being asked how can I rank my site on the first page?

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Once again there are thousands upon thousands of keywords in your niche more than likely. And your website has 4, 5 or 10 pages on it.

How on earth is that website going be the most authoritative website that Google can put out there for their end-customers, their end-users?

So that's the first point is understand that search engines looking for quality website, quality content and now with the latest update with the hummingbird algorithm is now able to understand these more complex and longer search queries.

Point Number two is stop thinking about the internet as a lottery ticket.

What do I mean by that? Being on the first page of Google doesn't mean you're going to have a successful business. It simply means you're going to get some traffic.

Now the problem is that there's a sale cycle in your business that has to convert that person, that visitor into a buyer. Yeah sure, you could rank on the first page for keyword and someone could call you and you can get business. It does happen.

But, in most businesses there is a sales cycle. That sales cycle in your business, you should really understand from top to bottom:

  • Where they are researching your product or service
  • Where they are comparing you to other folks
  • When they're ready to buy

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If all you're doing is trying to capture buyers and you're not interested in the nurturing process of a visitor to having a relationship, to getting him into the by process then you really are missing the boat. You’re thinking of the internet as a lottery ticket and that's not going to get you very far.

I am going to wrap this video up by giving an example.

I'm a huge, huge NFL football fan. I want you to think about it as if you own a NFL franchise. Just because you have a NFL franchise doesn't mean you're going to win the Super Bowl. It doesn't mean even if you won the Super Bowl last year you're going to win it this year.

You could have a talented group of professionals, players and a professional group of coaches. You can have a great playbook and believe you have a great scheme but let me tell you what it takes. It takes executing a consistent game plan of blocking, kicking, running, passing, receiving, tackling and all the other things that go along with running an effective football game.

And doing so to win no just one game but repeating the process consistently over time. That's what it takes to win the Super Bowl.

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So, if you're trying to win on the search engines, you're trying to win in your online marketing business you've got to think about a holistic approach in terms of your online marketing. Not just some company that's going to call you and say oh I guarantee you're going to be on the first page a goal in 60 days or 30 days or one week.

I mean if you're listening to that kind of sales pitch your business is in trouble. So, anyway hope you got some tips from that this has been the episode of Yokel Local Tips. We have discussing the mindset of how you need to approach SEO and we will talk to another episode of Yokel Local Tips.

Take care.

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