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Hi, Darrell Evans here, Co-Founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing. In today's episode of Yokel Local Tips, I'd like to cover a frequently asked question we get about how to seo a website for higher ranking?

Today, what I'd like to do is give you five quick website optimization ideas that'll hopefully help you start to think about how to increase traffic to your website and grow your business. I don’t want you keep you long, let's dive right in.

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1 - Learn The On-Page SEO Basics

One of the first ones I'd like to suggest and I've said this on other videos and that is learned some on page S E O.

Now, you can go out to Google and type in search engine optimization guide and you can actually find that Google has an in depth guide.

Of course there are blogs and all this other stuff out there. We've even got a report on our site.

SEO, simply means search engine optimization. It's way more than what you need to do on your website.

It has to do with what you're doing in social and local directories and a whole bunch of other things such as content marketing and video.

However, learning some SEO will at least help Google at a basic level to understand what your website is about, what your company's about, what your businesses is and what you're offering to the public.

2 - Develop a (FAQ) Content Strategy

Next up is let's talk about to developing the content strategy. I've mentioned this in other videos many times. It's something that has really done well for me over the years.

We advise our clients to develop a content strategy based on frequently asked questions just like you're watching right now.

This video is derived from a question were asked on a regular basis and I turned it in the context.

So you should sit back in your business and think about all the questions that your clients ask you, your prospects ask you. Think about the objections they give you.

Think about comparisons that they're asking you about and develop a blog strategy, a video strategy.

You can even use screen presentations like I'm using right now. There really is no shortage of opportunity to create a very nice and well developed content strategy.

3 - Speed Is Your Best Friend

One of the tips I'd like give you is to remember that speed is your friend.

Speed simply means develop a schedule and an editorial process that you can actually commit to on a regular basis.

Don't bite off more than you can chew and then your schedule doesn't allow you to create the content.

Over time you're gonna build up a large, large base of content that is representative on the web of what you do and how you serve the general public.

4 - Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Responsive

So, let's talk about mobile responsiveness of devices today. I believe I read an article that seventy something percent of people use more than two devices inside the same day. They might use their smart phone and then their regular desktop computer. They may be using their iPad and then their smart phone but later in the day.

You want to make sure that whenever someone decides to connect with you that they can actually see your screen, see your website appropriately no matter what screen there on. If your website is not mobile responsive yet please make sure that that's a priority now or in the near future for your marketing.

5 - Include Social Sharing Options

It does no good to have tons and tons of content if no one is engaging with your content.

When you start with frequently asked questions, the good thing about that if you're going to know what your audience really wants to hear about and what they really want to know about.

By you providing it, you're going to be drawing more people in month by month. Over a long period of time, you should have a very nice audience.

Now, you also want to make sure that when they find something they like that they can share it with someone that they know. There are many times you come across something you see and someone comes to mind that you would like to share it with. You want to make sure you have sharing options on the website.

At the very minimum, you want visitors to have the ability to share with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Depending on your audience you might, share to Pinterest. I should have added Google plus to this chart.

Make sure you've got sharing options available so organically people can expand your reach.

So, today’s video was very short. I just wanted to cover a few quick tips. Obviously, we cover a lot of various tips throughout the weeks, months and years.

Hope you have a great day and I'll talk to you again soon.

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