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Stormie Andrews: Defining Success with the World's Best Buyer Persona

by Stormie Andrews . August 10, 2021
Yokel Local Co-Founder Stormie Andrews was recently featured on the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast with Trevor Lee where he shared actionable insights related to understanding how your customer thinks.


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Do you know what your buyer personas are? Do you know what a buyer persona is? Are you using buyer personas in your business?


During his guest appearance on the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast with host Trevor Lee, Stormie emphasizes how he believes businesses don’t think enough about their customers. Instead, businesses are thinking about themselves. They think their product is so great that everyone should want it. They don’t care to figure out what’s most important to their customers.

Traditional buyer personas focus solely on the demographics. However, this data doesn’t help with messaging. It also doesn’t help your salespeople or customer service department. The most powerful buyer personas are those that contain psychographic data. Psychographic data helps you create better messaging that resonates with your audience along their buyer’s journey.

The World’s Best Buyer Persona® identifies who is your ideal client and the best messaging to communicate to them regardless of where they are in their buyer’s journey.

Stormie ends his latest stop on his Podcast Tour with these thought-provoking buyer persona questions:

  • Do you know what motivates your ideal customer to do business with you?
  • What noise are they seeing in the marketplace?
  • What are they being told and what are they hearing?
  • What are they doing as it pertains to a solution?

Whether or not you understand buyer personas or use them within your business, this podcast episode brings clarity to how customers think--and understanding how they think is the first step to turning more prospects into sales.

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