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Stormie Andrews: Generate Leads For Your MSP Through Google Ads With The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System

Yokel Local Co-Founder Stormie Andrews recently appeared on Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast to discuss how MSPs can use The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System to get business from Google Ads.


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MSPs and Google Ads just don’t mix, right? They do if you know your ideal customer and what keeps them up at night searching for you.

Episode 97: Should your MSP run Google ads?

Yokel Local Co-Founder Stormie Andrews challenges this popular belief about Google Ads in the MSP industry during his guest appearance on Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast. During this episode, Stormie discusses why so many MSPs fail to make the most of Google Ads. As a result, they miss out on clients that could bring in, on average, $120,000 in lifetime value each.

Stormie highlights precisely why MSPs fail to take advantage of Google Ads: they don’t know who their customers really are. As a result, they get stuck doing business with who they have to, not with who they want to.

Stormie offers MSPs a way to better understand their customers through buyer personas, highly detailed, fictional representations of their ideal customers. As the inventor of the award-winning The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System, Stormie highlights key strategies that MSPs can use to discover their ideal buyers and how to leverage these insights to create targeted Google Ads.

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