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Stormie Andrews on Understanding Your Customers With Buyer Personas

by Stormie Andrews . March 23, 2021
Can buyer personas improve your business? Stormie Andrews explains how in this episode of our Podcast Tour Series.


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Buyer personas can transform the way your business interacts with customers - but can they change your organization, too.


In this episode of our Podcast Tour Series, Stormie Andrews visits Marc Kaschke’s “Pursuing Perfect” podcast to discuss how your business can improve by use of buyer personas. Marc Kaschke is an experienced business leader, lifelong entrepreneur, and former mayor of North Platte, Nebraska. On his podcast, Kaschke aims to help leaders and entrepreneurs understand perfectionism and how people can overcome obstacles to create the life of their dreams. 

In this episode, Stormie speaks about the principles from The World's Best Buyer Persona® System and how to apply them to your business to achieve the following results:

  • Using the system to save time and money
  • Incorporating customer data with emotions
  • The importance of accepting input from your entire team
  • Research and learning from other role models

Stormie then discusses how the extensive use of buyer personas within his own agency allowed it to decisively pivot to growth during the deepest parts of the pandemic. The agency went from furloughing workers for several weeks to sustainably increasing by 50 percent within a year, giving other companies insights into how focusing on buyer personas can change their trajectory.

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