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A Video Marketing Top 10 ‘Do or Die’ List for 2017

According to Walker Info, by 2020, 86% of customers will rate customer experience as more the most important.


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(UPDATED) Video marketing continues its dominance into 2017. What started with YouTube has now expanded to Instagram, Facebook and other social media. As a HubSpot partner offering Inbound Marketing strategies, we're continually amazed at the shear amount of visual marketing opportunities available.

As more platforms seek to offer loyal users mobile-friendly video editing and publishing tools, you'll see more content offerings in video form. And, as you'll see, it doesn't take a Steven Spielberg to create these videos anymore.

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Video Marketing Top Ten (Transcript)

Hello my friends, how you doing today?

This is Darrell Evans Co-founder with Yokel Local Internet Marketing and today I would like to cover the top ten reasons why it's is so effective as a marketing channel for business.

We're going to do this in the reverse order as we see in late night T.V. Let's get started:

#10 - Video views are on the rise 

If you're not looking at video online then you should be, you're probably between Youtube, Hulu and all the different things going on, you might even be watching television or video right now on your computer or your P.C. So, video marketing is powerful and it's rise of use will only get stronger.

#9 - Videos help you stand out from your competition.

There's no shortage of competition in any niche that you're in, no matter what business you're in, no matter what field. Whether using video to market a local business or a national business, whether you’re a coach, a consultant, fortune five hundred company.

There are tons of competitors; It is so effective in that it helps you stand out from your competition, humanize your website and your brand.

#8 - Videos are very inexpensive to create today

I mean it was just a few years ago in 2007 when I first started in video. I would use these very expensive camcorders, and I'd have to use the slow process of getting things done and then I'd have to pay an editing company.

Today, with just a webcam, or an iphone, you're equipped to do marketing with video. You can certainly do higher production than that but it's not necessary.

#7 - Decision makers watch videos

Let's be clear; many decision makers are not willing to sit through long boring pages or, tons and tons of text on a page, on a website. They'd much rather get through a video that is two, three or even four minutes long, like you're watching right now to get some key data they can use in the process to make their decision.

#6 - Videos rank well on the search engines

You should be aware at this point that YouTube is owned by Google. Google is one of the largest search engines in the world. And it corners about 67% to 68% of all search engine traffic online today. Videos have the ability to rank and be landing pages in the actual search results, so that's another big reason why marketing with video is important.

"You should be aware at this point that YouTube is owned by Google. Google is one of the largest search engines in the world. And it corners about 67% to 68% of all search engine traffic online today."

#5 - Videos Improve website engagement

Once again, lets go back to the idea that people in a hurry. Most people may not have a chance to read a five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred word page document on your website.

If you're able to come out and give them a one, two or three minute video that engages buyers on their ideas, helps them research their topics, helps them compare some information that's on their mind, you're going to get a higher engagement and better conversion rate.

#4 - Videos allows you to educate & sell at the same time

I do a very special course inside of our online profit workshop series called stop selling and start teaching. This is exactly where we are today. Look, if you are a business person, you're a sales person, you own a business you are no longer in control of the conversation. It's time for us to step up, and educate our prospects, and consumers on the value.

Not just the value of our services but, on how we can actually help them get what they want even if they don't use us. We know this is something that's a bit counterintuitive... we talk a lot about it on our blog, we talk a lot about it in our online profit workshop series.

#3 - You can build trust with videos

Look, you can go to any website on the planet and they could be doctored up and it does not take much. You can hire a designer for $500 to build you a stunning website. If you wanna pay $10,000 or $20,000, you can get even more stunning website.

The fact of the matter it's just text on a page and photos can be put on there from anywhere.

But when you come through in a video and you show yourself (you're transparent, you discuss your history, your background, your brand, your expertise) you can only help to build up trust and bring them closer to doing business with your company.

#2 - Better user experience with video

It's a phenomenal user experience it gives your website, we call it humanizing your site. In our world and when we're working with clients it's gives that user experience just another low level up. It's just given a step or a notch up, and that's in our opinion of course.

#1 - Videos boost sales conversions

You want more sales conversions from your website traffic, right? Listen, it's hard right now to get a new visitor to your website to part was with their money with you for the first time. Video can allow someone to again build trust and all these other things we've talked about so that it helps you with conversion.


I started using video in two 2007, long before we started Yokel Local Internet Marketing. And today we have a full video studio in our office and we encourage every one of our clients to do a video in some way, shape or form. I hope we've proven why marketing with video is important and powerful.

If you're not using video today you should be, whether it's through a smart phone, a webcam, a digital camera if you've got more fancy equipment such as a DSLR or black magic or some of the other higher end cameras out there, then more power to you. 

So as we wrap this up, if you want to learn more about how you know our customers and how we advise that you use video we'd love to invite you to our free membership at Yokel Local tips. My name is Darrell Evans, and I'll see you on the next episode.

Take care

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