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The Summary

As one of the largest LASIK providers in Nevada, this business already had visibility, name-brand recognition, and a fair amount of online traffic. But despite that, this client knew it had to increase its lead conversion in order to remain a market leader. After being referred to Yokel Local by another satisfied client, we were able to double the business’s lead conversion rate to 6.8%, while delivering 212 leads per month and a 357% ROI.

Their Goal

The client wanted to increase website traffic and its lead conversion rate while acquiring higher quality leads. This LASIK provider needed a better way of finding and connecting with the right audience. The business also faced a lengthy sales cycle, which could last anywhere between five to seven years, from when a prospect first thought of getting LASIK to the actual surgery. Was there a way to tackle all of these problems at once?

Our Solution

After taking a look at the company’s existing challenges and marketing efforts, we realized that creating more empathetic messaging was the key to resolving them. First, we created detailed buyer personas (also known as psychological models of their different types of customers). During this process, the Yokel Local team recognized that the customers have two primary concerns when deciding whether or not they want to have LASIK surgery: price and safety. 

Armed with this knowledge, we revamped the website and rewrote its messaging and calls to action to speak to these pain points. This helps new website visitors easily navigate the site to get answers to their questions about how much the surgery may cost and the risks associated with it. We then added downloadable and educational content offers that push prospects closer to a purchase decision. We created robust email campaigns that connected with the target audience’s pain points and thus, sped up the sales cycle process.

Yokel Local’s lead conversion strategies helped this LASIK business attain their marketing goals while yielding a 357.4% ROI. Our lead conversion strategies doubled the conversion rate to 6.8% and provided the business with an average of 212 leads per month. Yokel Local also secured social media gains for the client, with website visitors from social media increasing by 73%, sales from Facebook increasing by 85%, and sales from Yelp increasing by 145%. 

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