Digital Marketing Case Study:



Increase in Website Sessions


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Leads

The Summary

This 43-year-old wholesale products distribution company serving the retail and pawn shop industries struggled to complete with the big boys on the block. Despite a long history of success in the business, it began feeling the squeeze as Amazon, Walmart, and other large e-commerce companies gobbled up market share and took away their customers. The distribution company was slow to adapt and saw declining sales over five years by about $2 million per year. In response, their management decided that a digital transformation of their website was in order to try and get back some of their customers and engage new ones. New owners purchased the company about two years before this client hired Yokel Local to help improve their online presence, generate new dealer leads, and increase sales.

Their Goal

The top goal for M&M Merchandisers was to get those lost customers back in the fold. This business also needed to improve their online presence in order to obtain new customers and stay relevant. Management sought out Yokel Local after one of their senior leaders met one of our company founders at a conference and discussed ways we could help them achieve their goals.

Our Solution

We took on M&M Merchandisers as a full service Inbound Marketing client, which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid advertisements (Google and Facebook), and marketing automation. Our main goal was to drive both paid and organic traffic and generate new sales leads.

Their website was receiving a great deal of branded traffic from its current customers who had to visit the website to place orders. We established their need to be discovered through non-branded keywords and phrases. However, we had our work cut out for us, because the website had very little SEO, even though it sells more than 7,000 products. The first order of business was to map out the highest priority pages, improve the SEO on each page, and then create content for each page. The pages were very thin in Google's eyes, so this took some time. We then began re-engaging the thousands of lost customers in an attempt to bring them back.

Once that was accomplished, we moved to paid advertising using Google and Facebook for retargeting. These processes continued to evolve as we began receiving data and feedback from the leads that our work was generating.

At first, we were a little disappointed in the results, as the leads were increasing more slowly than we had hoped over month-to-month measurements. Upon conducting a deeper dive into why, we realized that the online dealer application form the company was using was extremely prohibitive. We suggested updating it to optimize lead generation. They agreed and it was like a lightning strike…boom! The results were amazing.

We took the company from ranking for 4,100 keywords to ranking for 8,854 keywords, a 116% increase. The business saw a 216.03% increase in leads (493 vs. 156), a 208.51% increase in conversion rate (2.52 vs. 0.82 percent), and a 1,121.5% increase in website sessions (7857 vs. 95,969). Yokel Local’s strategy brought this client more high-quality leads, resulting in more sales. The distribution company was very pleased with the final outcome and it continues to ride that success into the future.


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