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The Summary

Usually, a restaurant’s food quality or alluring atmosphere aren’t enough to keep bringing hungry patrons through the doors. Without a marketing budget, dining establishments can’t maximize their sales potential and ultimately receive a decline in traffic. Most of the time, this is simply because not enough consumers know that the restaurant exists. This is why online discoverability needs to be a priority. When Sagos Tavern, a popular, award-winning restaurant and sports bar in Las Vegas, Nevada, was revamping its menu, management realized that an online marketing plan was needed in order to increase lunchtime traffic and sales. Yokel Local custom-designed an affordable lead generation strategy that helped this restaurant increase brand awareness, social media engagement, and leads, without breaking the bank.

Their Goal

Sagos Tavern was coming out with a new menu, and management not only wanted to expand the lunch crowds, but also sought lunchtime traffic consistency. Although online marketing efforts weren’t being utilized at the time, the client knew that online marketing was necessary to drive traffic to the restaurant and reached out to Yokel Local for help. In order to get the results the client wanted, we knew we had to design strategies to capture the attention of Las Vegas residents who lived and worked near the restaurants. Our goals for this client were to increase brand awareness, social media engagement, lead generation, and lunchtime traffic through a low-cost online marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Knowing that the target audience was most likely to appreciate and engage with a free food contest, our team of marketing experts created a lead generation strategy built around a giveaway campaign. We designed Facebook ads that promoted free lunch giveaways for offices of eight and targeted these ads to people living or working within the vicinity of the restaurant. All of the people who signed up for the contests were automatically placed into an email list for the client. Then we routinely sent marketing emails to these leads to keep Sagos Tavern top of mind. Those who didn’t win the free lunch contests were emailed free food or drink offers to coax them into visiting the restaurant.

The Facebook ads created a substantial amount of brand awareness by reaching nearly 17,000 people during the course of the campaign. The ads also had a very high engagement rate of 3.14%. Each free lunch contest generated between 30 and 50 new leads for the client, which resulted in the formation of a healthy email list that the restaurant continues to use to drive new and returning customers. One of the greatest benefits for the client was that a small budget was used to produce these results, with an average cost of $1 to $2 per lead.

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