Digital Marketing Case Study:

Taylored Photo Memories 

From 1-2 Leads a Week to 3 Leads Per Day.


Organic Traffic Growth


Increase in Leads


Leads per Month

The Summary

Taylor has loved photography since she was 12 years old being around her grandpa and aunt. Taylor knew that her customers were doing online searches and wanted to attract those customers to her. However, knew she couldn’t do it by herself. She loves knowing that now she has her online resources in place and that she’s getting an average of 84 inquiries per month. She can now focus on doing the things she loves to do.

Their Goal

To increase in the number of leads she was getting each month for her business. While she had a knack for technology, she knew her profession was to take photographs and that this online stuff was a little over her head. She knew she needed to hire someone to help with this but she’d previously been burned by another provider and wanted to avoid another disaster. She wanted to understand what went wrong and how to get it fixed so she could grow her business.

Our Solution

Taylor had done a lot of work on her own. She built her own website. She writes he own content and has built a great following on social media. However, she wasn’t getting much traffic. We took a foundational approach to her local search ecosystem presence and spent the majority of our time executing search engine optimization best practices for Google, Yahoo and Bing. Traffic grew 158% in the first 90 days. We then redesigned her conversion funnel to crank up the number of leads being converted.

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