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The Summary

Woodstock Walls began more than 20 years ago as a passion project of reclaimed wood artist Kevin Fults, when he moved to Las Vegas. Kevin initially enjoyed great success in the valley, where his love of sustainable, reclaimed wood and the art and design that went into it landed him remodels of many premier resort properties including the iconic Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Venetian, and Palazzo. There was just one problem with his business model: he had never sold anything via the internet.

Kevin first hired another company to build his website, which turned out to be acceptable, though not great. They then began writing blogs to rank for SEO, which was a smart move for the long game but would prove ineffective in the short game. The company he hired was also supposed to use Google Adwords. Woodstock Walls spent approximately $3,500 on Google Ads and generated a grand total of zero sales. Kevin was obviously frustrated by this lack of traction and unsure of his next steps in online marketing.

Their Goal

Woodstock Walls wanted to launch the brand, build its online presence, and grow as a separate retail line to expand nationally, because prior to that, the owner’s primary business was only local. He was then referred to Yokel Local to create a strategy to right the ship.

Our Solution

Kevin needed search engine visibility, increased traffic, viable leads, and conversion optimization to drive more sales. Since he was understandably skeptical after his failed attempt with the first agency he hired, we convinced him that pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads would lead to better success. But first we needed to develop a plan to address his buyer's journey, which was not necessarily a short one. Woodstock Walls was a discretionary home improvement, Do It Yourself (DIY) product, and that meant consumers would most likely not be ready to buy the product on the same day they saw the advertisement.

In order to optimize lead generation for his sales team, we advised him to heavily lean on his sample pack offer. The sample pack would be shipped out for free, so consumers could see the colors of the wood against the walls in their own home. We felt this would reduce the number of returns and exchanges.

The strategy worked out very well. During our campaign, we generated 336 leads for a company that had never had a single online lead prior to engaging us. Woodstock Walls’ average client revenue was $2,038 from our effort. In one month, we spent approximately $1,230 and generated 25 new sales leads. Of those, four closed their sales transactions, which led to $8,154.45 in revenue for the company. The $2,038.61 average order value amounted to 6.63 times the return on advertising investment. In addition, paid search ads brought high-quality leads to the website, with visitors viewing an average 3.6 pages per session with a 46% bounce rate.

Overall, our campaign generated 10,312 new website visitors, 348 new leads, and achieved a 5.3% conversion rate - not a bad result for a company with no previous online customers.


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