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4 Steps to Get New Leads That Convert Fast with Darrell Evans

Follow these steps to generate new leads for your business.


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With the help of seasoned marketer Darrell Evans, get ready to transform your approach to lead conversion and digital marketing. Prepare to learn the techniques for comprehending your customers, the factors that motivate them to take action, and the critical role of developing retargeting and remarketing tactics. In this episode, Darrell and Pete go into the four expedient procedures for finding new leads that convert quickly, focusing on the critical function of email addresses in the unpredictably changing digital world.

Join us as we explore email's crucial function in generating consumer engagement and conversions. This podcast episode also discusses innovative approaches to problem-solving, the technique of creating attractive offers, and why email is still the king of digital marketing. They also highlight business, covering topics like interacting with potential clients, classifying website visitors, and using Darrell's Entrepreneurial IPA methodology. This episode contains useful tips and techniques to boost lead generation and conversion efforts. Don't miss out, then! Watch now!


0:00:00 - Understanding Consumer Psychology and Retargeting
0:08:24 - Risks of Renting Business Space 
0:12:05 - Building Trust and Expertise Through Ads 
0:15:38 - Simplifying Business Models for Success 
0:17:50 - Taking Action for a Better Business 

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover the secrets behind understanding your consumers and the triggers that drive them to action. 
  • Explore the four quick-fire steps to acquiring new leads that convert swiftly. 
  • Learn about the crucial role of email addresses in the digital age. 
  • Understand the pivotal role of email in customer engagement and conversions. 
  • Discover creative ways to provide solutions and the artistry behind crafting irresistible offers. 
  • Learn about Daryl's Entrepreneurial IPA formula and how to implement it. 

Key Quotes

  • "Email still to this day, despite all of the popularity of TikTok and Instagram and Facebook and Google ads and all of the socials... the number one ROI Driver to your digital marketing efforts is still your email address."
  • "We don't own these platforms... You can't build your business on rented land, on rented soil."
  • "We live an amazing time technologically on earth... But we also can get too carried away thinking we're gonna miss something if we don't do everything."


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