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7 Social Media Secrets for Doctors from Dr. Miami

by Sha Drena Simon . June 14, 2016
We all can learn a thing or two from this plastic surgeon about social media marketing.

You may have heard that social media marketing for doctors is a waste of time. Well, we can tell you that this is far from the truth. We have come across many doctors, particularly elective surgeons, who are killing it (no pun intended) on social media, but one, in particular, has captured the internet marketing (and pop culture) world's attention.

Let’s start with his social media stats. He has acquired:

  • 739,000 Instagram followers
  • 53,600 Twitter followers
  • 800,000 Snapchat followers
  • 120,488 Facebook likes

Unbelievable right? Such an online following could give your favorite internet celebrity or or famous blogger a serious run for their money.

The doctor, who has taken the online world by storm, name is Dr. Miami (née Michael Salzhauer). He is a Miami-based board-certified elective surgeon, who specializes in cosmetic procedures.

Over the last year-and-a-half, Dr. Salzhauer (@therealdrmiami) has managed to garner a collective social media following of over 1 million past, present and future patients.

So how has this been possible for someone who was once a little-known doctor out of Miami?

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7 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Doctors that Will Take Your Medical Practice to the Next Level

Over the course of time, Dr. Salzhauer has mastered seven social media marketing strategies for doctors. These tactics can lead to the rapid growth of your medical practice--locally, nationally, and even globally.

1 - Experience and Expertise First, Bragging Second

Dr. Miami accredits his social media marketing success to his nearly 20 years of experience in plastic surgery.

His many years of experience have allowed him to reach a level of skill and consistency that produces results worthy of being shown off to the massive online world. His experience also enables him to provide an educational experience to his audience because he has mastered his craft.

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Pro Tip: Become the expert in your field or specialization before showcasing your work online. This particularly applies to situations where you would like to show your procedures in real-time. If you don’t know your stuff or come across as a novice, it can do damage to your online and offline reputation.


2 - Innovate and Take Risks to Stand Out From the Crowd

Did you know, Dr. Salzhauer is the first surgeon to broadcast his procedures on Snapchat?

He gained popularity by using Snapchat videos to give an in-depth, NSFW look into aspects of medical procedures that you don't usually see on television-based medical series.

Observing his success in video marketing, many elective surgeons have begun to take notice.

However, the characteristic that sets him apart from other medical doctors embracing social media is that he provides entertaining and educational content through a series of videos that collectively mimic a non-scripted reality show:

  • He educates his audience by giving them detailed explanations of his procedures in real-time.
  • He entertains by highlighting the light-hearted culture of his office. At any given time you will come across a social media post of he and his staff cracking jokes or blasting music in and outside of the operating room.

Mike took a huge risk by being the first elective surgeon to use video as a platform to highlight the raw and uncut aspect of plastic surgery,

This innovation has been proven to be highly effective for the doctor, so much so, other elective surgeons as following his footsteps.

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3 - Connect with Patients and Your Audience on A More Human-Level

Salzhauer’s brand has become more than just surgeries. Social media has allowed him to connect with his patients on a more human level.

He has steered away from the typical stereotype of the "stuffy, white-coat doctor" sort of thing. Such originality has allowed him to create a relatable platform that lets his audience witness the experiences of others, from the first consultation to the post-operation.

These experiences tend to be, so raw that audiences get to see the good and bad from real patients with real results.

He has even gone so far as to refer to his patients as #BeautyWarriors, thus strengthening his connection with them after the fact.

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4 - Treat Your Social Media Like an Online Extension of Your Office

Dr. Miami handles all social conversations as if he were holding them in his office.

He offers advice and suggestions to those who seek his expertise. He also gives a second expert opinion to individuals who have gone under the knife of another plastic surgeon.

As a result, he has become an influential source of information for people who are interested in elective procedures.

5 - Gain Patient Consent Before Showcasing Your Work

Patient confidentiality does not disappear in the online marketing world.

Dr. Salzhauer doesn’t just put any patient on his social media profiles. He first receives their permission.

Patients willing to have their before, during, and after surgery profiles blasted across social media must sign a consent form. Some patients even go so far as to request the covering up of any identifying marks before showing their bodies to the masses, to which he kindly obliges.

A consent form protects the doctor from backlash, lawsuits, and any HIPAA violations while protecting the patient's privacy.

6 - Leverage Your Online Popularity Into Offline Brand-Building Opportunities

Due to Dr. Salzhauer's impactful online presence, he has been able to develop great public interest and further develop his brand. For example:


7 - Time, Persistence, and Patience are the 3 Keys to Online Growth

You will not build a significant online presence or garner internet fame overnight.

Like any aspect of internet marketing, to receive optimal results you have to take the time to plan and execute your strategy. You have to be persistent in your efforts. And you have to have patience.

Rushing and hoping for fast results will only leave you in disarray and disappointment.

It also helps to have a dedicated team or employee managing your social media activities.

Though it only took Dr. Salzhauer a year-and-a-half to gain notoriety, you must be aware that you may not experience the same rapid growth.

Remember, no two cases or strategies are alike. It may take more time than you'd like to see the ROI of your social media marketing. But in the end, it will be time well spent.

How Dr. Miami’s Social Strategy Grew His Practice 5x

Michael Salzhauer has been able to unearth the hidden and profitable benefits of social media that can apply to any medical practice or business.

His dedicated efforts have resulted in his practice growing fivefold:

  • His inquiries have dramatically increased to the point that he no longers schedules consultations, but now allows walk-ins
  • He now gets 60% of his patients through social media
  • He went from booking 15 to 20 appointments per day to 80 to 100
  • He went from being booked 4 to 5 months in advance to now a being booked a little over a year in advance

Impressive right?


It's clear as day why Dr. Mike Salzhauer has landed among the cream of the crop in the online healthcare marketing world.

No matter your medical specialization, the seven secrets we uncovered can add an extra boost to your social media and internet marketing strategy.

We suggest you implement some of these tactics into your social media strategy. By doing so, you too can increase your chance of experiencing a level of online marketing success similar to that of Dr. Salzhauer’s.

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